• BlackHawk48

    my very first story

    February 18, 2015 by BlackHawk48

    Turned Tables a Creepypasta Story

    Author: Austin Jenkins

    Jeff ran to the shadow figure knife drawn of course he was covered in blood like always he was running to it and laughing his killer laugh. (Now i know what you're thinking we all know how this is going to end with Jeff killing the figure and Jeff still standing. This is not that this is a different story.) It all started about 1 year ago in the slender mansion the whole creepypasta family together hanging out. (By now you should know the family if not then this story you should not be reading it then. Well then if so then keep on going with the story. Now back to the story.) Now it was a regular day in the mansion Jeff and Liu were hanging out like they did before the death of their p…

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  • HorribleTroll512

    FEBRUARY 13, 2013

    February 13, 2013 by HorribleTroll512

    I founded this wiki on that day... What a day... In fact, I was still blocked from creepypasta for not updating the article listing within 21 minutes of uploading it! Now that I think of it... I actually chuckle a little bit; I've uploaded 3 stories, and got blocked 4 times.... Sometimes, I feel that I'm the most blocked person on that wiki! It's a stupid thought, though, as there are many trolls that have been permabanned or banned at least 200 times. Thats all for now, but check back next week for more!

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