Turned Tables a Creepypasta Story

Author: Austin Jenkins

Jeff ran to the shadow figure knife drawn of course he was covered in blood like always he was running to it and laughing his killer laugh. (Now i know what you're thinking we all know how this is going to end with Jeff killing the figure and Jeff still standing. This is not that this is a different story.) It all started about 1 year ago in the slender mansion the whole creepypasta family together hanging out. (By now you should know the family if not then this story you should not be reading it then. Well then if so then keep on going with the story. Now back to the story.) Now it was a regular day in the mansion Jeff and Liu were hanging out like they did before the death of their parents with Smile with them of course. Slendy and his family talking bout the good old days and how they missed it. Ben and Sally were playing a game and they were really happy.

Jane the killer was gossiping with Nurse Ann and Eyeless Jane bout what they did and all that. Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack were laughing and talking bout the pain they felt  when their friend died and how it made them who they are now. Toby trying not to kill Hoodie because he has been on his nerves. It was a nice day and later it was dinner everyone was there all but one. Sally says “ Where is Sonic exe he should have been here by now.” So everyone looked around they didn't find him then there was a knock on the door. Now everyone knows that the people are scared by them now they know only one person who has to deliver the mail to them and it was the mailman who was wetting himself. So the brothers went to the door and they look down and sees a box that is not the normal mail they get on the box it had their house and there was a note on the box so Liu picked it up and read it then passed it to Jeff whose face was worried.

Ben and Sally said at the same time “ What is it guys?” so Jeff called Slendy to come at the door and help with the box. He did and Jeff handed the note and Slendy said out loud “ The tables have turned enjoy the gift “ now the box had no returner address so that had left a question on everyones mind.

Now Jeff carried the box in the living room and everyone had gathered around him and he slowly opened the box and the second he made a opening the smell of rotten flesh had hit everyone’s nose and they all gaged on the smell. Jane ran to the garbage can and threw up because of it and she came back in the room and said “ I’m ok now open it Jeff.” he nodded and opened it all the way and what was inside was Sonic exe’s head. Now everyone had threw up when they all saw the head all but Slendy who was used to it.

Now all the females were crying and Ben, Liu, Jeff, and Eyeless Jack was calming down their friends and while they did that Slenderman had seen a note in the mouth of the head and took it out and said “ Hey guys heres another note it says  “1 down 11 to go.’’ What do you guys think that mean?” No knew what it meant not even Slendy who was the oldest of them all who have seen some things during his life. Now everyones dinner was ruined by the head and by whoever had sent it to them. After everyone was settled down they had to give Sonic exe a proper burial of course the females were crying they guys were next to the females trying to calm  them down and the Slender Man family were just trying to not  become enraged because they had lost a really good friend.

Slenderman had all the men but not Jeff and Liu with Smiley to hunt the man that killed Sonic exe. Now everyone wanted the head of the dude on a stake. Now they went to the only other mansion in the woods that were on top of the hill. Since Slender didn’t know the place he told everyone to be careful and watch where you step. Everyone agreed and did what they were told. So everyone followed Slender in and as the last one in the door slam shut and Splender teleported away in fear only to teleport back in a few mins. Now that everyone was back Slendy said “ Ok now we'll split up into 3 groups. I’ll take Eyeless Jack and Toby.Splendy you take Laughing Jack and Hoodie while Offendy you take Ben and Silver. Wait silver when did you get here?”

Silver said “ I live here so I will help because i heard about Sonic he was a dear friend of mine and I want the man who did it to feel his pain.” Slendy said “ Ok makes sense.” So with the 3 groups made Slendy  took the top level while Splendy took the main floor and Offendy took the basement. Now sense Silver didn't like the light he kept the whole house dark and his “friends” flowed around with him spelling “HEDIED” and making a sound only Silver can hear telling them its ok we will get the man that had hurted our blue friend. Now Toby had a torch with him and his weapons and lead the way through the top level until he had a heard a crash coming from a room 2 doors down and he went in only to find some of Silvers “friends” and they sent off an alarm that notifies Silver  he sent a message back to them that they are friends and to go with them and they spelled “ OK” which calmed them down and they drifted to Toby and hung around him. When they did it had freaked out Toby and after a while he got used to it and they kept on the search on the upper floor but found nothing and decided to go back over the whole top floor.

Now Splendy went in the kitchen and found nothing in there while Hoodie looked in the living room and same thing nothing but Laughing Jack found a body and it had no head and yelled loud enough that everyone had heard it. When everyone came running to him Toby was the first to see what Laughing Jack yelled bout and then Silver came in and followed by everyone else and they said “ What is it LJ?” He said “ Found a body no head all blue it looks like sonics body.” They all looked and it was then they looked at Silver who was shocked that his best friends body was in his house where even a fly fart would have been heard by his “friends” who would have alarmed him.

Slendy said “ Well  Silver can you explain the body here or no?” Silver said “ I didn’t do this I loved Sonic like a brother and I had always taken care of him so I didn’t do this so don’t blame me ok!?!?” Well Slendy picked up the body and teleport back to the house and re dug up the grave and placed the body in and reburied it then back to the group and said “ Ok we need to head back to the brothers and the girls and tell them what we had found here Silver you want to come back to the house with us or no?” Silver said “ No but tell them that I will be here going over the whole house with my “friends” then I will be over tomorrow is that ok there?” Slendy nodded and headed out followed by the others. Soon they were back at the house they had told the others what had happened and then out of nowhere Sally started to cry. Liu said “ What's wrong there Sally?” She said “ Where is Ben he has my bear!!!!” They looked around but they didn’t find Ben that got everyone worried. Then out of nowhere Ben comes out with a clean stuffed bear and hands it to Sally and said  “ I cleaned it for ya it was dirty and Sally I’m sorry I took it without your permission to take it.”  

Sally says ” its ok and i’m sorry that I thought you did something bad to it.” Then she hugs him and holds him tight. Then Jeff said ” I'm going out for a killing spree I’ll be back later.” Slender said ” NO!!! If there is a killer killing us then we must stick together.” Jeff said “ I’m bringing Smiles with me we’ll be ok bye now.” He left the house with Smiles and headed to a city. After that the whole house went to eat all and they were silent during dinner no one said a word. After dinner Ben and Sally were playing in the yards with Liu and Nurse Ann watching them. Sally was playing with her bear while Ben was in the water doing whatever kind of dive into the water. Soon Sally looked up and saw the “friends” and screamed loud that Ben ran over and slipped on the grass and saw them to and calmed down Sally that they are friends. They were spelling words so fast that ben couldn’t read them he said “ Slow down guys.” They did and were spelling “ HEWENTMISSINGCANTFINDHURRY” Ben yelled for Slendy and told him what the “friends” said. They rushed to the house and broke in looked around and nothing.

A month after Silver went missing his “friends” have been with the family all depressed spelling words like “ WESAD” or “WECRY”. Slendy Ben and Liu goes back to the house to find a clue but nothing can be found. Soon they would have to give up the search for him.

All three guys search day and night looking for him they are all tired so they go back home and eat a meal give the update on the search then once in a while freetime for their family and after that sleep for a few hours. One day while they all were at home there was a knock on the door and they all jumped because it was so quiet at the house. So Liu opened it and found a box and he remembered what happened with Sonic. So he took caution when he had open the box and inside was a tape.On the the tape it said for the whole family at once so he called the whole family into the living room. He placed it in and it started it was Silver in a dark room and tied up and beaten. His “friends” were crying together and then they saw a note card that said “ You thought if this douche bag would find me you were sadly mistaken you had a trap set when you took the body back and buried it I made sure that everyone include the things floating around together it was easy to get him alone. So next time send a killer worth killing. Now enjoy what happens next.”

Then a gun appeared and whoever had the gun shot Silver 5 times 3 in the head 2 in the chest and another card appeared it said “ 2 down back to 11. Now I will send a gift each one I get.” As he holds up a collar and a tag on the collar it says SMILE and Jeff went from angry to “ Oh no hell broke lose your dead” in just a second. He went out the door full rage in his eyes and death on his mind. Liu went after him trying to reason with him he said “ Bro don't this is what he wants he wants us to get angry at him and go after him you know it I know it and if you walk to him its a death trap” Jeff said “ The mother fucker has my dog no one dares to think of taking him from me unless they are family and he aint family so he will die.” He pushed Liu outta the way and to the ground and ran off to get Smiles back. Liu went after him and Jane the killer went after Liu to help him get him back and she ran as hard as she could to catch up with Liu.

They both stopped at the city only to see a whole city burning to the ground and Jeff in the middle of it killing everyone yelling “ GO TO SLEEP “ and “ SMILE” and then just going ballistic and a non stop killing spree on everyone who dares to stop him or gets in his way. Liu and Jane ran to get close to him and they see he has many many bullet holes and he's bleeding out but still killing Liu  says “ My god I’ve seen this before I’ve know the outcome my god Jane we have to stop him before he gets killed or he causes a nuclear meltdown like at Chernobyl yeah long story tell you later but now we have to stop him.”

Jane said “ Alright then.” Just as they started it began to pour on them and the city and Jeff looked up and then heard footsteps behind him and looked back and saw Liu and Jane and he yelled “ You can’t stop this only one way to stop it I want the man who has my dog dead.” Then he ran off and still killing and bleeding from the holes he runs through the smoke and disappears Liu tells jane to go back to the house and get the others to help. She nods and runs to the house. Liu goes after his brother and follows the blood on the ground that is his brothers. Now what Liu didn't know is that the killer of Sonic and Silver was already had his next target and it was Jane the killer. So when Liu sent Jane to get the others he didn't know that he sent her in a trap to be killed. When Jane got to the woods the  grabbed her and knocked her out with a rag. She didn't even know he was there. Soon Liu couldn't catch up with his brother so he went back home and plan with the others.

He returned to the house and said “ Did Jane come back to get you guys. They all shook their heads for a no. That got his mind spinning on what happened to her. His face became bloody from the opening of his stitches and he became very angry and he went out on to find the killer just like his brother but there is no returning this would be a one way mission. So he stormed out and went psycho-killer and ran to the town and finished off the people who had lived through his brothers attack. Jeff had found Smiles running around without his collar and Smiles had caught Jeff’s smell and ran to him. They both were happy and went home but Jeff doesn't know that Smiles was injected with poison small enough to let him live but deadly enough to kill him in a few weeks.

When they got home everyone was shocked and upset when they saw both Jeff and Smile. Jeff said “ Hey guys what’s the matter and wheres my brother I want to tell him that I found our dog.” They all were upset and no one wanted to tell him what had happened to Liu or what had happened to Jane. The only one that wanted to tell him was Sally who was in the corner holding to Ben's hand trying not to cry. So Sally said “ Jeff your brother left on a killing rampaged after he got back to get us after he sent Jane here but when he came back to see if she did but she never got here and Liu knew what had happened to her and he went after the killer like you had done to find Smiles but he left 2 hours ago and hasn’t returned.”

Jeff’s face went from happy to worried and anger at the same time. He said “ Thank you Sally and if I know Liu which I do he’ll be at our house and he’ll work backwards from  when we first met the killer.” They all looked at him like they couldn't believe their ears and they all were quiet. No one had made no noise but they all were thinking the same thing and that was How could their friend that they trusted know the killer of Sonic exe and Silver and soon enough Jane the killer and Liu. Now they wanted to know who was the killer. Yet  no one wanted to ask. Just as Jeff was heading to go see the killer of the whole families friends a rock smashed through the window with a note on it. Ben was close to the note.

He picked it up and unwrapped it from the rock and it read “ I know you’re coming Jeffery and I’ll be waiting I already have your girlfriend and your brother and you better hurry…” and another one came in and Ben picked it up and read it “ Because my dear friend is that you better hurry is that the clock is ticking till hits midnight then they will join your friends Sonic and Silver in hell signed your childhood bestie.” They all looked at Jeff and now they all were mad. Then Jeff looked at his watch that he stole from a guy he had killed and the time was 11:30 pm so he said “ Listen I don't have much time I got to haul ass to get to his house so I can save them ok. Now if you're coming to help I won’t stop you if not then I don’t care but I got no time to lose or we will have to bury 2 more friends.” He started to run out the door and he left everyone ashamed that they were mad at him.

Now that Jeff was against time he had no time to lose he had hauled his body so fast that it had hurted his legs while he had ran to his old home and into his neighbors house ready for anything. He had done this many times before where he had to go on in all tired from running and run in the neighbors house but this is the first time where he had to save someone from his neighbor. Now Jeff had stepped very carefully. His eyes and ears were wide open and he checked the watch it was 11:45 pm. He only had 15 minutes left before his brother and the girl he knew died. He checked the whole house and the only place where the killer had to put them was in the basement. He busted through the door and carefully went down the stairs. When he was on the last step he saw 2 figures and he approached them. When he was close he saw it wasn’t his brother or Jane it was 2 mortals that were struggling to break free. When they saw Jeff they were scared that they would die from him. Jeff said “ I ain’t here to kill you I’m here for 2 other people ok im going to set you free and you won't tell anyone that I saved you ok?” They both nodded and Jeff cut them free and they ran like hell. Just as the door slammed behind them headlights came on and a monitor turned on and it was a video of Liu and Jane. They were going home but the timer was still going then a card was then in front of the camera “they both have a bomb in them.”

Then they had stepped in the house and they shut the door to everyone hugging them for dear life and then the camera went closer to the house. Now it was in the window and has everyone in the house hugging them and then Ben telling where is Jeff and what  had happened. Then the camera backed up a good distance from the house at that moment Jeff knew it was a live fee. He ran his off to get to the house and when he got there to where the camera is it was on a robot he looked at the house it was still there. He quickly looked at the watch and it was 11:58 pm. He ran to the house and the timer was going. He ran across the big field and was getting closer to the house. Now the timer was blinking like a heartbeat. He yelled for Slendy. Inside the house Slendy had heard Jeff and he teleported to him and Slendy was in front of Jeff and just then the house blew up and both Jeff and Slendy went flying backwards.

When they both woke up they saw guts, blood, and wood on fire  everywhere and a note in front of them Jeff picked it up as Slendy went to the center of the where the house stood. Jeff had read the note and walked to Slendy and gave it to him. Slendy read it and it said “ You were lucky Slender that Jeffy called you but he won’t save you every time so watch your back because your luck is running out.” Jeff was mad that everyone he knew died but Slendy and that the only house he actually called home was gone. Slendy said to Jeff “ What happened to my home there Jeff? What caused it to blow up? Where is he?” Jeff said “ Slendy I know that you're upset that your home got blown up but it wasn’t me it was the killer he had put 2 bombs in my brother and Jane they were set to blow up everyone in that house which had included you but I called you out which I saved yo life man and I don’t know where he is ok I really don’t know where he is or why he’s doing this but I will get revenge for our friends.” Slendy was mad enough to kill Jeff in one shot but he didn’t cause he knows exactly who the killer is. Slendy said “ Fine while you go get revenge for them I’ll be getting new proxies but you my friend will be number 1 and maybe I’ll find my long lost son and maybe I’ll rebuild my home I don't know anymore.”

Jeff said “ Ok Slendy and thank you my friend I’ll tell you if I got him or not if you don't hear from me in 2 years then get the new ones ready for anything and be aware.” Slendy nodded and teleported away to find new people. Jeff looked around him and cried his heart out because he lost family and friends. Then a figured stepped out of the shadow and the figured stepped on a branch and snapped it which got Jeff to look and he grabbed his knife and ran to it. The figured said “ Don’t kill me I was just trying to find a person to help me my car broke down please don’t kill me. My name is Andy and i'm looking for my long lost father.” When Jeff got close to Andy he saw that he was like Slendy but with a beard and mustache.

Then Jeff said “ O my god your Slendies son my god you just missed him he went looking for ya and some others because as you can see mine and his family just died in an explosion so he went to find others to replace our loved ones. If you can wait I’ll get him for ya.” Andy nodded and waited as Jeff yelled for Slendy. A few moments later Slendy showed up and said “ What Jeff what is it…. whos the kid?” Jeff said “ Slendy this is Andy your long lost son so if I were you I’ll take him away from here and find the others ok because its going to be hairy when I find the sob who did this to us.” Slendy nodded and took Andy away and left Jeff alone to find the killer.

It has been 11 months since the first death in the family and how long Jeff and Slendy were the last 2 of the family alive. They keep in touch by talking to each other every once in the while. Now Jeff has been hunting down the killer since the house blew up and wants the revenge for the family. He had gotten close a few times to kill the killer but everytime he wasn’t there. Jeff was close to given up on the hunt when he had a lead on where the killer will be.

Now it was a year after the house blown up and Jeff had followed the hunter to a place where he knows that he will be there. It has been raining all week and Jeff is really upset and angry at the same time. Now he has the killer and so he went to him and said “ Hey there Vinny or would you like to be called killer?” Vinny said “ Hey there Jeffy what took you so long to get me. Oh yeah me killing your family.” So they talked for a few then Jeff had his knife in his hand and Vinny said “ O you won’t be needing that there knife because there is someone that still needs you.” That had gotten Jeffs attention and he said “ Who?” Then Vinny had brought out his sister that he never knew about and she had a gun to her head. Jeff said “ I don’t know her so kill her I don’t care.” That really had Vinny look at Jeff like he really didn't know his own sister. So he looked at the guy that had the sister looked back at Jeff who was getting mad and asked “ Are you sure?” Jeff just threw a knife at the chick and killed her because the knife was in her head.

Then Jeff said “ Is that sure enough next one will be yours so get this out of your head got it. Hey you got a smoke.” Vinny was scared and impressed at the same time and he handed Jeff a cigar and lit it for him. He looked at the body and the knife was dead center of the forehead only a expert can do that. Vinny said “ I see you’ve been getting better at throwing and killing.” Just as he had finished up talking the guy that had the sister dropped dead because the knife went through the girls head and in his heart. Vinny looked at Jeff who was smiling then he rephrased what he said “ Oh my  god no one on earth can do that no at all.” Then Jeff said “ I know no one on earth can but me hehehehehehe.” Now Jeff was scaring Vinny the man who single handed killed all the creepypastas but 2. Now one is next to him scaring him. So he started to back away from the psycho that was next to him.

Jeff said “ O I wouldn’t do that if I were you because you see if you run I can kill you easily and we both know you don't want that do you Vinny.” Vinny said “ You know what I’m tired of running we end this cat and mouse game tonight got it meet in the park at 1 am ok i’ll be there.” Jeff said “ Ok Vinny I hope you're ready to die tonight because you will.” They both nodded at each other and their own way. Jeff took a puff and walked to his room to get ready. He did planning like crazy and he looked at the watch and it was 11:45 am.

He yelled Slendy who had brought everyone that he found worthy of being a creepypasta even his own son. Slendy said “ Jeff my first family member how you been? How goes the hunt and you look good my friend.” Jeff said “ I have been better and the hunt is at its end i'm going to kill him tonight at 1 am at the park. So Slendy tell me who they are and who they to replace?” Slendy said “ Later my friend but first lets have our quiet time to remember those we have lost last year.” They both did their respect and they both talked for a few hours and Slendy told Jeff everyone that he found and who they replaced. Jeff said “ Well my old friend its been nice seeing you and you know what to do if I don’t come back to ya by 2 days from now.” Slendy nodded and teleported everyone away to let Jeff go over his plan again.

Now it was time to go to the park and wait in the dark for Vinny. Jeff left his room and went to the park. When he got there Vinny was waiting for him in the shadows and said “ Ahh I thought you were going to be a no show but now you're here lets finish this.” Jeff agreed with him.

Now back to the present. Jeff ran to the Vinny and he tackled him and began to stab him in the chest and neck but no blood was coming out or any sound. That got Jeff confused that he stood up and looked around. As he does the dummy says “ OH did I tricked you Jeffy.” Jeff yelled “ WHERE ARE YOU?” Vinny said “ Look up here.” Then Jeff did and a bullet went through his head and fell to the grounds with a bullet in his skull. Now Vinny was on top of a building with a high power silenced rifle that he had. Vinny had knew just how to end the chase. As Jeff falls to the ground his whole life flashes before his life and all the love ones he had lost were the last thing to show. When he hit the ground he let out a tear of sadness. Then Vinny came down from his sniping spot and began to cut dead Jeff’s head off and put it in a box. Then he took it to the postal office and shipped it to Slendy. Now that our Jeff the killer is dead we just have to wait for Slendy’s pov on what happens next shall we.